Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Oracle ADF 11g Creating Dependent LOV's

Create new Fusion web application

1. create entity object on Employee table.

2. Select only EmployeeId and DepartmentId attributes because we are creating dependent LOV on this two attributes.

3.Select View Object check box or create new view object with Employee entity.

4.Select Application Module check box or create new Application module and assign employee view object to it as shown below.

5. Create View Accessors on EmployeeId and DepartmentId. Click on View Accessors tab and add new shuttle the EmployeeVO and rename it to "EmpidVA"  as shown in below figure.

6. Similarly create view accessors on DepartmentID with name "DeptIdVA"

 7. In Employee View Object click on Attributes tab, select EmployeeId attribute click on list of values and select the options as shown in following images.

8. Select list attribute as EmployeeId

9. click on UI hints tab and shuttle the EmployeeId

10. Similarly create the list of values for DepartmentId Attribute.

11.Click on the Query Tab and create new view criteria

12. click on Add Item and select bind variable

13. Click on add symbol in parameter option, give the variable name as "bDeptId" and select data type as Integer click on ok.

14. Now go to the view Accessors and select "EmpVA" and click on edit symbol. Shuttle employee criteria and bind the parameters as shown below.

15. Run the application module and test the business component.

You can download the application. Dependentlov


  1. I am following your post diligently, when i got to step 9 the Display Attributes section was disabled nothing came up. that was where i got stucked.pls assist me in this area.

    1. Hi,

      Which version of jdev ur using ....

      recheck ur code once again ...and follow all the steps ....