Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Creating SOAP Web Service Data Control

In this post i am going to show you sample application with webservice data control.

Step 1: 

You must have web service WSDL URL. For this application i am using the below WSDL url. Which will return the IP addres and location.

Step 2: 

Create new fusion web application.

Step 3:

Select Web Service Data Control as shown in below image

Step 4:

Give the service name and Service URL as Shown in image and click on next.

Step 5:
Select the GeoIPServiceSoap and click on next finish.

You will find the data control with Service name

Step 6:
Create one jspx page and drag and drop GetGeoIPContext() method as button and expand GetGeoIPContext method and drag n drop GetGeoIPContextResult as form in page (you can make use of other method also).

Step 7:

Run the application. You will find the below result. 

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