Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Populate dynamic Panel Accordion in ADF page

In this post i will show you how to create dynamic panel accordion. Sometimes you may get requirement to populate the accordion dynamically based on user login or some criteria.

Step1: Create the Business components on Department Table.

Step2: Create on jspx page --> go to data bindings and create Tree Bindings as shown below

Step3:  Add the data source DepartmentView1 and add the rule. Select the department name as shown below.

Step4: Drag and drop panel accordion on jspx page. Select the af:showDetailItem in structure window and surround with af:ForEach

Step5: Set the attributes in forEach tag as shown below.

Step6:  Change the Text attribute value to #{dept.DepartmentName} in af:showdetailsItem

Step7: Run the jspx page 


  1. Which version of adf did u use.. I am not clear about the step 2 where you added binding as a tree.. Could not find the option in

  2. Hi,
    Go to page bindings and under executable section first add iterator mapping to view object and then create tree bindings under the bindings section.