Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Book Review: Oracle ADF Faces Cookbook by Amr Gawish

The book contains10 chapters:
  1. Building Your ADF Faces Environment From the Ground Up

  2. Getting Started with ADF Faces and JDeveloper

  3. Presenting Data Using ADF Faces

  4. Using Common ADF Faces Components

  5. Beautifying the Application Layout for Great User Experience

  6. Enriching User Experience with Visualization Components

  7. Handling Events and Partial Page Rendering

  8. Validating and Converting Inputs

  9. Building Your Application for Reuse

  10. Scaling your ADF Faces Application
This book makes you more expertise in Oracle ADF faces, Novice developers feels little bit difficult to understand the concepts because the book uses its own DB schema and it will be difficult to understand the ADF Business components layer its pre-built.

The book is good for the experience developers, who can aware of more adf faces components in Jdeveloper .
Interesting part is the book tells about the skins, layouts and other components exist in jdev 12c. It also proved the sample applications to practice. Some of the chapters are really interesting like event handling, Active data services etc.

You can purchase the book from the below site

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