Monday, 22 June 2015

Get Client machine MAC address in ADF using applet

Hi folks in this post i will show you how to get client machine MAC address in ADF page using applet.
Step1: Create Generic application. and create java class which extends JApplet.

Step2:  Add the below shown java code. This code use to read the client machine MAC address.

Step 3: Create JAR file for this project and sign the jar file. This link will hep you to sign the jar

Step 4: Create Fusion Web application and add the jar file in public_html folder as shown below

Step 5: Now create jspx page with one button. When you click on button the MAC address displays in POP up. Using javascript will call the applet code and get the mac address.

Step6: Run the jspx page and click on get client mac address button

You can download the code using the link Download

Thanks:) Happy learning:)

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